Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Daniel Benmergui's and Gregory Weir's games

They're awesome, and you're not.

These two little gems are kind of like Jason Rohrer's games Passage and Gravitation, but cuter!

Try I wish I Were The Moon, and Story Teller by Daniel Benmergui.

Now try I Fell In Love With The Majesty Of Colors, from Gregory Weir. If that's not brilliance, I don't know what this is.

I would just like to troll a little bit on the fact that I'm sure most people, especially a lot of game designers, won't see the "point" of these games, or say they aren't games at all, or they will simply not understand "the hype". I pity them, because that's exactly why this industry looks so retarded to the rest of the world. These experimental little gems do more to advance the medium to a truly mature form than anything you will come up with in your next action game.

Okay, you might not toy for more than five minutes with them, but for me it was a very worthy five minutes, since I feel tremendously inspired by these tiny things. And now I feel compelled to make my own.

The very cool thing with indy games, is that they still have a freedom long lost by mainstream game developers: name their game something interesting, or intriguing, or even meaningful sometimes. I Wish I Were The Moon, I Fell In Love With The Majesty Of Colors, And Yet It Moves, Seven Minutes, Seven Days a Stranger... Those are interesting titles that make me want to find out what the game hides in its heart. They're intriguing, so by the moment you hear them your brain is already working trying to figure out why they're nammed like that, so in a sense, these games already respect you although you haven't played them yet.

Mainstream developers are condemned, perhaps forever, to try and fit a product descption into their game titles. What a pityful place we're in. I want to do art games. ;_;

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