Thursday, August 02, 2007

2 new games I worked on:

(Warning: some views expressed in this post might get you bitching, it depends on how idiotic you are)

*Download midi mobile phone music from Holy Wars below:
- Holy Wars: Battle
- The Forest (my personal favorite)

I totally forgot about this, but Holy Wars: Sons of Enoch is out, and so is the first ever video game adaptation of Oban Star Racers! Actually they've been out for a little while now but I was to busy working on my next project (which is 99.9% complete now) to recall that I actually worked on something else.

Holy Wars: Sons of Enoch
Beat'em All/RPG, nice blend of both, good graphics and cool fighting mechanics.

And Oban Star Racers
Racing game from the TV animated series. The game is cool but a bit too hard for me. (Maybe I just suck?). Anyway it looks terrific, if you liked the show you have to play this one. If you don't know the show you have to watch it.

Both games look sweet, don't they ?

So, yeah... They're both mobile games so there's not a whole lot of improvement here compared to my previous condition. :) These babies were developped and published by Devalley Entertainment. But actually, working on them was quite different than working on Gameloft games, which I 'm going to say a word about in a minute. But first, a kind word about Devalley, because they deserve it.

If you play with your cellphone sometimes (and I mean running games on it :)), you have to try Devalley games. This studio isn't famous (yet?) but has been around for a little while now. Their games are the first ones on mobile that really had me say "Ha! Now THAT's easy to pick up!". They're incredibly easy to play and fun, the frame rame is always good, the graphics are nice and the storylines are wacko. Everybody who thinks Gameloft or EA Mobile make great action games should try Gun Fever. Devalley's sudoku game "Sudoku QI Training" is amazing too, and I've been playing it each time I went to the bathroom for the past 2 months (honest). The company is small and dedicated to the love of gaming. Their games are amazingly quick to pick up and it takes no more than a couple of seconds to save your game and quit it whenever you need to. There are keys to press at anytime in the game that save your progress or turn the sound ON/OFF, without the need to go browsing in tiresome and laggy menus (*cough* Gameloft *cough* :)).

Edit: I deleted the rest of the article because I realized its content was downright insulting to a lot of people who didn't deserve it (that much). I'm sorry.


Syl said...

Holy Wars looks really great. There are big sprites and alpha blending.

About your second point, I completely agree with you ;)
And to quote Philippe Laurens, Gameloft's lead producer : "it's impossible to build a game for multiple mobiles from the same sources, you have to create one project for one mobile"... what a joke :)

Nino Mojo said...

Yo Syl :)

Haaa, you're quoting names! People will think it's a Gameloft bashing blog haha. it's not. Nevertheless, I didn't know he dared say that, quite shocking. I wouldn't quote names on my blog nor reveal company specifics, but you said it, I didn't, so in the name of freedom of speech, I don't see any reason for deleting your post. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh God, you have just described how I'm feeling right now! Having to deal with the bad taste of the producers, who, on top of that are scared about the commercial issues and the results of the focus groups. Of course, after having lost so much time with this nonsense, we have to rush and "fill the folders".

An anonymous coward who must remain unnamed too. :)

Nino Mojo said...

If you came here then I guess we do know each others, right ? :)

Come on, what's at stake anyway? The prolongation of your discomfort perhaps ? :)

Jorge said...


Yes, perhaps we do know each other ;)

Anyway, I'm glad you're having such a great experience with Devalley.

Nino Mojo said...

Yeah that was nice. Just as a precision, it was just a couple of gigs. I'm not working there full-time or anything like that.

Funky_bean said...

Héhé, anonymous Jorge !
Hi buddy.

good soundtrack Nino!
it reminds me old-school Shinning Force 2 themes on genesis.

I 100% agree the wasting money debate..
this shit is shit.

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